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Please submit the plans for your project here.  Follow the submittal guidelines listed below

•    All files shall be in PDF format
•    All plan sets (site plan, landscape plan, structural, etc.) including soils reports and correspondence should
     be uploaded as a single PDF file and bookmarked by section
•    Files shall not exceed 100MB
•    Plans shall be set to landscape view, oriented so that North is always at the top
•    PDF files shall have permissions to allow Annotations, Form Fill and Signing or Stamping by County staff
•    Plans prepared by design professionals shall contain an information block with name, license number,
     signature and contact information
•    Plans and documents prepared by design professionals may be signed electronically

*For a list of required submittal items and additional detailed instructions on uploading your documents, refer to the Submittal Instructions link under the E–Permit Center logo above.*

You must click "save" after you upload document and before proceeding with the application.

The maximum file size allowed is 100 MB.
html;htm;mht;mhtml are disallowed file types to upload.

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